Audition Call – George’s Corporate Jungle

The second production for 2017 will be an original play called “George’s Corporate Jungle”, written by our own Andrew Tait – so when we perform it for the first time it will be a world premiere!

ABOUT THE PLAY: The play is centred around the character of George, a middle-aged “company man”, who leads a small team of hard workers that are extremely good at getting things done despite all the bright ideas and novel gimmicks being imposed on them by their boss and his marketing team.

AUDITION DATE:  2pm on Sunday 21 May 2017, at The Studio, 52 Ward Street, Upper Hutt.

ROLES:  (with indicative ages) to be cast:

George (45-55) Has been with company all his working life; up for promotion to line manager; current team leader.
Alex (25-35) New team member; straight from University; level-headed and mature for her age.
Brian (50-65) Chief Operating Officer; overplays his own self-importance.
Tom & Joan (60’s) Both been at the company a long time; a bit grumpy and grizzled; have seen it all; team members.
Rich & Suze (30-45) Marketing team; never seen apart; continually espousing latest marketing strategies.

REHEARSALS:   Sunday 28 May

PRODUCTION DATES:  8 shows set for Thursday 27 July to Sunday 30 July and Wednesday 2 August to Saturday 5 August, 2017.

For more information email Andrew Tait at