Being of Sound Mind

Dates: 23 August – 1 September 2018.

Written by: Andrew Hull

Directed by: Georgina Reynolds

Plot Summary:

Edward Goodchild has just died, and the play begins with the reading of his will to his remaining family and faithful servants. James (Jason Ritchie), a young solicitor has the task of reading of the will. In attendance are Mrs Marshall (Angela Jones), the long-standing and loyal housekeeper; Susan (Catherine Murray), a recently-appointed maid; Stephen (Dave Spence) and Penelope (Teena Cleary) Asquith, the self-centred offspring of Edward’s sister; Rebecca Lockhart (Ruth Sarratt), the dried-up and bitter ex-actress sister of Edward’s long-departed and beloved wife; and Martin Bodmin (Hayden Rogers), some distant cousin that the solicitors dug up!

To their delight they discover that Edward has left them a small fortune, but for each of them to claim their inheritance they must stay in the mansion for the night. Normally this wouldn’t be an arduous task, but Edward (being of sound mind) knows that the house has a few surprises for its guests and he wants to test their metal. As Penelope explains to Martin, the mansion is said to be haunted by the ghost of Edward’s wife, Eleanor. Strange happenings have been going on since she jumped to her death from the upstairs balcony more than twenty-five years ago.
But did she jump, or was she pushed? Rebecca and Penelope are desperate to find out!

Will the guests stay in the house for the night to claim their fortune? Are the stories true about the house being haunted? Will the ghost of Eleanor appear? Will the truth finally come out about her death?