A Kick in the Baubles

A Kick in the Baubles

Dates: 23 Nov – 3 Dec 2011

Directed by Ruth Sarratt

Plot Summary: It’s another peaceful Christmas in the Bailey household, and although a Silent Night would be welcome, all is not calm and all is certainly not bright. Frank (Doug Buchanan) is dreading the arrival of his snobbish in-laws (Nicole Smith, Sean Brook-Brazendale) who, along with their mastermind daughter Alex (Teena Cleary) only ever bring a single bottle of wine for the festivities. Throw in a couple of larger-than-life neighbours (James Neal, Monique Ballinger), let the drink flow merrily – Frank’s drink, mind – and everything is set for a car crash Christmas. But when Frank and Jean’s (Ella Kahu) estranged daughter Milly (Gisela Parker) suddenly appears with her boyfriend (Jesse Evans), the rug is pulled out from underneath the chaos and heartstrings are firmly tugged.

A Message From The Director: The talented, hard-working cast and crew bring this warm seasonal story of disastrous Christmas celebrations, horrible family and neighbours, Marks & Spencer’s fruit mince pies and wayward Christmas toys to believable, laughable, pitiable life, and she guarantees that audiences will thoroughly enjoy their peek into Christmas with Frank and Jean Bailey.

Venue: The Studio, Ward Street, Upper Hutt.