For the Good of the Family


For the Good of the Family

Dates: 2 – 12 August 2012

Directed by Murray Ingram

Plot summary: “For the Good of the Family” by George Douglas Lee is a mystery/drama about a family in the American Midwest celebrating their first family event after the passing of their disabled daughter and sibling. Each surviving family member has their own theory of what happened and each is trying to get to the truth. But the big question remains: How did she die and was it just an accident?

Venue: The Studio, Ward Street, Upper Hutt.

Pictured from left to right are Doc Murray (Jack), Catherine Murray (Lee), Ethan Mooney (Travis), Gisela Parker (Kitty) and Ashleigh Dixon (Tracy). Other cast (not shown) are Helen Chesterman (Virginia) and Stephen Fletcher (Mr Crabbe).