The Old People are Revolting

The Old People are Revolting

Dates: 7 – 17 August 2014

Written by Devon Williamson and co-directed by Heather O’Brien and Andrew Tait.

Heretaunga Players’ second show for 2014 was the hilarious New Zealand comedy ‘The Old People are Revolting’. The show was exceptionally popular, and everyone enjoyed putting it on.

Plot summary: ‘The Old People are Revolting’ is a hilarious comedy about seniors seeking revenge. The residents of the Upper Hutt Sunshine Retirement Village have had enough: they’re revolting! Fed up with being ignored, and relegated to the sidelines of life they’ve decided to prove to the world just how dangerous seniors can be! Their plans for creating a bit of a ‘bang’ begin when the city council decides to end its rates rebate for the elderly – the pen pushers in town hall have no idea what anarchy they are about to unleash at the village. Once the local media gets involved the story goes viral on the internet and the revolution becomes unstoppable. Bursting with eccentric characters and crazy shenanigans the play is a huge audience pleaser.

Venue: The Studio, Ward Street, Upper Hutt.

Cast photo

The fabulous cast of ‘The Old People are Revolting’ on set in the Community Lounge of the Sunshine Retirement Village is, from left, Steve O’Neill (Doug), Jim Palmer (Howie), Sylvia Lawer (Patricia), Judy Sheridan (Peggy), Karen Sederel (Shirley), Janet Beams (Ashley) and Geraldine Sims (Elizabeth).